Breaking the Silence (Silent Hill, Six Years Later)

This Friday will mark the release of┬áSilent Hill: Revelation 3D, the much delayed follow up to Christophe Gans' video-game adaptation,┬áSilent Hill. As an outspoken fan of the video games (those developed by "Team Silent," that is), I'm also a harsh critic of the first movie. What will follow is a short recap of the game, … Continue reading Breaking the Silence (Silent Hill, Six Years Later)

The Love That Grounds You

I have never loved as though my life depended on it. David Mendez is my current boyfriend, and from the onset of our relationship I was treading lightly, keeping my expectations in check. We had, after all, met on a dating website that is more lewd than most. This was on August 6, after a … Continue reading The Love That Grounds You