About Me

Who am I?

A counseling professional with a passion for creative fiction, triathlon, and psychology.

What is my blog about?

I publish samples of my creative writing. My main genres are YA, NA, post-apocalyptic, and speculative fiction. I’m also using my platform to publish race reports from my triathlon adventures. Lastly, I have a vlog up and running. It focuses on my musings and thoughts for creating a positive and well-rounded life while living alone. I’m calling it “The Honest Bachelor’s Life.”

What do I hope to accomplish with my blogging?

More than anything, gathering a following of avid readers would be my dream come true. I have written two full-length manuscripts: In the Words of Your Love, and Summer Complex. I’m currently writing my first post-apocalyptic work, which features a careful blend of gay and horror elements. My working title for it is Stalder Press to Handstand. I’m also hard at work on a trilogy set in a dystopian world ravaged by war and unfettered religious fanaticism (The Virility Project).  My ultimate goal? To achieve publication after having collaborated with a variety of writers and bloggers.

My second goal is to read, comment on, and promote constructive fiction writing. I love to give feedback to other authors and triathletes.

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