Eyes of Excruciation – Act 4

Act 4: Wander   “You let her read it yet?” I look up from the sidewalk, watching as Hector shakes his head to answer Octavio. Read what? That’s what I think, but only an idiot new guy would ask. Instead I walk a little faster so that I’m beside Felipe. Octavio laughs dryly and chews … Continue reading Eyes of Excruciation – Act 4

Eyes of Excruciation – Act 3

Act 3 Outreach   It’s raining on Wednesday, and I try to enjoy it a little. Mom has this syndrome or whatever where cloudy skies and rain almost always depress her. I hate to see that in her. But it’s like a whole ‘nother world for me. Jogging through the drizzle now, heading to Government … Continue reading Eyes of Excruciation – Act 3