While away from my blog, I feel absent, detached from my writing. Yet I'm also closer to those I love. It's an otherworldly trade-off, isn't it? https://soundcloud.com/ohthatkazuki/hope Writing lifts me up closer to the stars. It affirms the peace in me. May you find a similar peace within yourself. Breathe.┬áCome alive. We're all floating in … Continue reading Hope

Finish Line Report: TexasMan X-50

Last weekend, the triathlon world was buzzing with quite a few races (especially Ironman Texas, which, it seems, always has at least some notoriety surrounding it). I'm happy to say that I got to have my moments of glory out on race day. This was my second year racing TexasMan. Ultimately, the greatest challenge I … Continue reading Finish Line Report: TexasMan X-50