Aural Autumn: Singing of Forests, by Blure

Something has always lingered with me, ever since I can remember being a kid: People don't want to embrace loss.┬áThis world has typically been staunchly against woe. Feelings like grief, loneliness, misery, and uncertainty have been relegated to the shadows. I don't hold that entirely against our kind: being down in the dumps all the … Continue reading Aural Autumn: Singing of Forests, by Blure

A Future Ironman’s Promise

I may be an aspiring author, but writing from a place of pure vulnerability is not something I practice all that often. Tonight, I'm exercising that right to let my walls down. Tonight, I'm taking the time to speak to my shortcomings and my strivings, to be still when hours of training and mental challenges … Continue reading A Future Ironman’s Promise