Finish Line Report: TexasMan X-50

Last weekend, the triathlon world was buzzing with quite a few races (especially Ironman Texas, which, it seems, always has at least some notoriety surrounding it). I'm happy to say that I got to have my moments of glory out on race day. This was my second year racing TexasMan. Ultimately, the greatest challenge I … Continue reading Finish Line Report: TexasMan X-50

Writing Update and “Take Back the Night”

Tonight, either you or someone you know are probably taking a stand, marching, and speaking out against sexual assault. We join in unity for "Take Back the Night," an international community awareness movement in which rape, sexual assault, and victim shaming are brought to light and denounced. It is an event which originated in Europe, … Continue reading Writing Update and “Take Back the Night”

Full Circle: On the Road to Buffalo Springs 70.3

My first 70.3 is waiting. Hours of training and braving the weather and bonding with new teammates has brought me here to this one day: the Buffalo Springs Half-Ironman on June 26, 2016. This is my new horizon. I'm looking back today, reflecting on the underlying and arcane drive that's help me push myself to this new … Continue reading Full Circle: On the Road to Buffalo Springs 70.3