Trifecta Triathlon 2015

I can’t believe it. After losing my dad in June, my relationship three weeks ago, and being sick for three days just last week, I raced the Trifecta Triathlon on Saturday, September 20. The dawn sky was surreal in its hues of blue and rose.

This was my eleventh triathlon and my seventh Olympic distance race. I must say that I felt strong on all three legs, though the run was the most challenging. I never saw those steep gravel hills and trails coming. But I pushed on. My dad’s love drove me forward.

We Mean Green.

We Mean Green.

I know now that my Half-Ironman training with Richard and Brandon is paying off. I feel much more confident, agile, and consistent on the bike. And my run times have remained stable.

But I’m ready for more leaps and bounds toward new heights.

Next race: our team relay at the 2015 IRONMAN 70.3 Austin. 

My moment across the finish line. Time was 2:46.

My moment across the finish line. Time was 2:46.

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