The Swarm and the Flyer Excerpt

Hey there, welcome back to You Young Adult Nostalgic. Tonight I'd like to share a bit more from my latest work, The Swarm and the Flyer. For those who haven't yet heard or read, The Swarm and the Flyer is book one in my postapocalyptic diptych. Huh, say what now?! Diptych! You know, two halves of the same … Continue reading The Swarm and the Flyer Excerpt

These Late Hours…Believe

This is a loose and somewhat trippy writer's update. If you're at all interested in young adult fiction, the apocalypse, chalk street art, or perhaps the most hypnotic and soul-stirring French electronic album released this year, then please, come right in. My writing thoughts have been warm, ephemeral, and oh so poignant. How else can … Continue reading These Late Hours…Believe