These Late Hours…Believe

This is a loose and somewhat trippy writer’s update. If you’re at all interested in young adult fiction, the apocalypse, chalk street art, or perhaps the most hypnotic and soul-stirring French electronic album released this year, then please, come right in.

My writing thoughts have been warm, ephemeral, and oh so poignant. How else can I capture the bliss that the past few months have been other than by the use of my stream of consciousness?

Every chord is pouring out of me. Blinker and brake lights blur and coalesce into the glow of neon signs. I walked under those same humming signs while on my way to the best gay club in all of Texas: S4.

If only this song had been playing that night. Then my dance with you would’ve been light years beyond perfect.

In these late hours we let fate break us but never apart,

In these late hours we let fate break us and take us


Life flows with me. Every breath of exhaustion and sigh of relief swirls together.

I’ve earned a new full-time job that pushes me to my limits and makes my empathy muscles stronger with every passing day. The waves of mental health woes wash over me; I’m my own rock, and theirs too. My attitude is a lush landscape where trees die and regrow in the blink of an eye. I wonder how contagious this green emotional panorama has become for my friends, my co-workers, my teammates.


I’m in a partnership with the sweetest and funniest guy I could have ever imagined. Fate really does break us and take us, but never apart.

Lion-like loyalty and levity leave us feeling lauded. Every. Waking. Second.


A bit of amazing art from the 2018 Dallas Art Fair

My writing world is settled and teeming with buzzing ideas, like fireflies coasting on a cool summer evening breeze. Both of my current stories — The Wrath and the Base and The Swarm and the Flyer — carry my grief and ease my deep-seated demons. Lust, abandonment, family strife and honor…these are the themes that convene into an ever-more radiant prism with every passing page that I write. The backdrop of a monster-ravaged world couldn’t be more appropriate.


When sleep whispers to me, I find myself centered in the deepest joy of my life that I’ve known thus far. I believe, so much so that every note of the above song resonates and expands my soul like the big bang has done for our universe. Are they one and the same?

I think Uppermost said it well in the comment he wrote under the video for his new song, “Believe:”

Never stop believing in the light shining in your heart.



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