On the Road to Healing

Healing takes communication. I'd like to be up front and say that, for now, I will be taking time to work on my trauma and center myself. Losing myself to grief wasn't on the agenda, but like every good writer, I push ahead. Sometimes the toughest choice is being open to asking for help. I … Continue reading On the Road to Healing


Push – Book Review

Clareece Precious Jones is sixteen and pregnant, her first child born out of her father's sexual abuse and rape. Walking the vicious streets of Harlem is nothing for Precious. Her raging mother doesn't think that Precious is doing anything but wasting time by trying to get her G.E.D. Even with the ghetto before her and … Continue reading Push – Book Review

Artistotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe – Book Review

Summary Far from star struck, fifteen year-old Aristotle Mendoza is weighted down by a strong sense of bitterness and boredom. It's 1987. His summer is uneventful as hell. He has a tender mom and war-stricken father looking out for him, but it's not enough. However, all that changes during a trip to the local community … Continue reading Artistotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe – Book Review

Brief Interviews with Hideous Men – Book Review

Summary David Foster Wallace is a titan among literary writers. Even in death, his works continue to offer countless readers one mind-bending and soul-shattering exercise after another. Such is the case with Brief Interviews with Hideous Men, an anthology of short stories, essays, media transcripts, and stream of consciousness accounts. These somewhat disparate entries come … Continue reading Brief Interviews with Hideous Men – Book Review