Bird Box is now a Netflix Movie!

Don't take off your blindfold. Don't look at them. I've been geeking out ever since it was announced back in October that Bird Box, the 2014 post-apocalyptic novel by Josh Malerman, is making its movie debut on December 21st. For those who haven't read it,┬áBird Box is an outstanding work of suspense. Last spring, I … Continue reading Bird Box is now a Netflix Movie!

Lessons to Practice #6: Opening Lines

You've thought of your story idea, devised your main character and your supporting cast, created a basic outline, and maybe even written down your story's central themes. Yet all of that work, as rewarding and powerful as it is, still feels like you're holding your breath. When does the exhale finally happen? When you dive … Continue reading Lessons to Practice #6: Opening Lines