Bird Box is now a Netflix Movie!

Don’t take off your blindfold. Don’t look at them.

I’ve been geeking out ever since it was announced back in October that Bird Box, the 2014 post-apocalyptic novel by Josh Malerman, is making its movie debut on December 21st.

For those who haven’t read it, Bird Box is an outstanding work of suspense. Last spring, I burned through the novel in less than a week, and it’s been one of the biggest driving forces in writing my own post-apocalyptic story, The Swarm and the Flyer, as well as the sequel, The Wrath and the Base. Motherhood, sacrifice, trust in the unknown, and the resiliency that only children know are but a few of the themes that elevate Bird Box to a higher tier of thriller, one that even A Quiet Place never fully captured.

The premise itself is taut as hell: a mother named Malorie must guide her young son and daughter several miles down a raging river by boat to a rumored safe haven where other survivors may still be alive. The only problem is, Malorie and her children have to remain blindfolded at all times to avoid looking at entities that, upon being seen, drive people to senseless murder and suicide. Sound suspenseful? You bet it is.

The fact that the cast includes Sandra Bullock, Sarah Paulson, John Malkovitch, and B.D. Wong speaks volumes to not only Netflix’s ascension as a new movie giant, but also in the potential for this to be one well-acted and tense roller coaster ride. While I know I’ll go in with guarded optimism, I’m hopeful that this will be one of the strongest survival horror films in years.

For those who have read Bird Box, what are your hopes for the Netflix adaptation? Do you think that this new wave of post-apocalyptic story telling that we’ve seen with The Walking Dead and A Quiet Place will only grow stronger in the coming years?

“It’s better to face madness with a plan than to sit still and let it take you in pieces.” 

― Josh Malerman, Bird Box

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