Aural Autumn: Reflections, by Jabricon


Contemplation. Wonder. By nature, people look back on what has transpired. We envision the alternative choices we could have made. We mull over who we are, who we will become. With that, there’s often a sense of longing. Wistfulness.

People will tell you to focus on the present. To stop daydreaming. They will say that reflecting serves no purpose.

But it does. 

Reflecting shines new light on your life. On what it is that you’ve accomplished, or narrowly missed out on. It is the crux of both nagging regret and constant motivation. It is the song that is at once unsure and compelling.

Wherever you are now, there is time for self examination. Introspection is the most shining example of imagination at work, and the world needs more of that from you. From me. 

Whatever it is that you’re pondering, follow it. Listen to your inner musings. They, like instinct, will guide you to new discoveries and chance encounters. It’s in your hands now.

Thank you for stopping by for tonight’s Aural Autumn entry. More music and words of inspiration are always on the way. Until next time.

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