Aural Autumn: Reflections, by Jabricon

Reflections. Contemplation. Wonder. By nature, people look back on what has transpired. We envision the alternative choices we could have made. We mull over who we are, who we will become. With that, there's often a sense of longing. Wistfulness. People will tell you to focus on the present. To stop daydreaming. They will say … Continue reading Aural Autumn: Reflections, by Jabricon


New Publication: The Heroes of Valor

Would you like to help a newly published author? Then you're reading the right blog post! Marketing is a daunting task for many writers. It's the gauntlet that most would much rather sit out and let their editor and publishing house run instead. At least, that's what I've heard (one day I'll know this challenge … Continue reading New Publication: The Heroes of Valor