Aural Autumn: The Night is Not Enough, by Join the Riot

Aural Autumn! Where music and memories intertwine, often to beautiful and creative effect.

As Ironman Arizona draws near, I’m reminded of the ever enduring peace that I harbor within. Writing and doing triathlon are the two hobbies I enjoy the most, and each compliments the other in numerous ways. For every mile of pain, there is a page of joy. For every character killed off, there is another real-life athlete who I cross paths with on race day. The balance is striking.

What’s brought me calm and focus as my first ever 140.6 draws near? Why, this catchy song by Join the Riot, of course! Infectious is an understatement; this pop band from Sweden are on to some fantastic harmonies.

Whatever race day brings, you can bet I’ll be dancing for at least part of it to the beat of this tune.

A happy and restful week and weekend to everyone! May your creative muse take you far.

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