Aural Autumn (Finale) – Fast Car, by Tracy Chapman

Sometimes you just have to let the music speak for itself. To those following my blog through its many highs and lows, I appreciate you so very deeply. May your music and prose carry you up and onward into a new year, one full of growth, hope, and resiliency. Peace.

Aural Autumn: Reflections, by Jabricon

Reflections. Contemplation. Wonder. By nature, people look back on what has transpired. We envision the alternative choices we could have made. We mull over who we are, who we will become. With that, there's often a sense of longing. Wistfulness. People will tell you to focus on the present. To stop daydreaming. They will say … Continue reading Aural Autumn: Reflections, by Jabricon

Aural Autumn: The Night is Not Enough, by Join the Riot

Aural Autumn! Where music and memories intertwine, often to beautiful and creative effect. As Ironman Arizona draws near, I'm reminded of the ever enduring peace that I harbor within. Writing and doing triathlon are the two hobbies I enjoy the most, and each compliments the other in numerous ways. For every mile of pain, there … Continue reading Aural Autumn: The Night is Not Enough, by Join the Riot