Aural Autumn: We Fade Like Dreams

Welcome to the epicenter of peace.

Tonight, I’m hoping that you might dive straight in to “We Fade Like Dreams,” a lush and warm track by Manners. I’m proud to add this one to my collection of Aural Autumn music. After a long week of writing in The Wrath and the Base, my project for NaNoWriMo 2017, I needed a relaxing song to decompress and get me out of my post-apocalyptic horror mindset. “We Fade Like Dreams” is just what the writing doctor ordered.


Just listen to that bass.

I’m so happy to say that, like last week’s artist, Manners is a Texas-based musician — from El Paso, to be exact! I wanted to share a quote from their SoundCloud profile, which I think is just gorgeous:

over-exposed nostalgia and hazy dreams consisting of sounds composed and recorded during the small, sleepless hours of the night

I’ll just be over here suspended in a sleepy haze for rest of the night, haha.

Hey fellow NaNoWriMo writers, we’re just over halfway through our month-long writing spree! I hope your creative muse is still going strong, and that you’re getting closer to your personal writing goal with every passing day. Let’s network, catch up, and trade writing tales. I would love to hear how your writing is going 🙂

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