Aural Autumn: Enchanted, by Delectatio

This is a moment of sudden and reassuring realization. That split second when you stop what you’re doing, smile, and say to yourself, This is what I was born to do.

Please don’t skip it. Don’t gloss over this epiphany. The one that softens your wrinkles, stills your breath ever so slightly, and catches you in a warm embrace. There will always be the hustle and bustle of our daily lives: going to work, commuting, rushing off to pick up the kids and cook a meal, or getting in that hour-and-a-half workout. But glimpses of pure reassurance, of unbridled joy and contentment, are so precious. So rare and enchanted.


Thank you for stopping to cherish yourself and all you strive to be. Farewell and goodnight for now.

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