Aural Autumn: Enchanted, by Delectatio

This is a moment of sudden and reassuring realization. That split second when you stop what you're doing, smile, and say to yourself,┬áThis is what I was born to do. Please don't skip it. Don't gloss over this epiphany. The one that softens your wrinkles, stills your breath ever so slightly, and catches you in … Continue reading Aural Autumn: Enchanted, by Delectatio

Finish Line Report: Hotter ‘N Hell 100 Miles

Many talk about the heat and relentless winds. Most athletes train well enough for the dozens of miles of asphalt and barren country views. But few riders can ever be fully prepared for the Hotter 'N Hell hundred mile bike ride. On August 25th, 2018, I was one of thousands of cyclists taken by surprise … Continue reading Finish Line Report: Hotter ‘N Hell 100 Miles