What are My Inspirations for Writing?

Hello and happy Thursday! How’s your night going? I want to thank you – yes, you – in advance for spending at least part of it reading my post.

Now that I’ve settled into a very consistent writing schedule, writing and editing (both line and developmental) six days a week, I thought I would take some time to reflect on what motivates me to write creative fiction in the first place. I’ll also highlight the most prominent themes in my works and explain why I have made them central to my works.

Let’s get to it!

The Big Pyramid March 26 2017

1. Biggest Inspiration: My Relationship with Loved Ones – and Myself!

Sure, at first glance this seems like a clichéd or sappy motivation. Nothing could be farther from the truth for me, however. To this day, I still remember a story my mom and dad shared with me as they grinned from ear to ear:

You were probably four or five years old. One day you just opened the front door, strolled out in your diaper and little shirt, and walked over to our next door neighbor’s house. Then you knocked, and when Pam and Greg answered (probably looking rather shocked!), you waved up to them and said, “Hi, my name is Richard-Michael!”

People have always been close to my heart. From my first best friend, to my first girlfriend, to my older sister – all of my experiences with others have impacted me in a kaleidoscopic way. I actually like being challenged by those who think much differently than I do, and though I still get irked when someone says something racist, sexist, or degrading, I put my best foot forward and try to see the world through their eyes. I also love discovering a kind of spiritual connection with friends, triathlon teammates, and fellow counselors, one which runs deep and makes me feel as if I’ve known them my entire life. Some of my friends really push me to become my best self.

Hotel Shenanigans

This may sound like an addendum, but in loving others, I’ve also learned how to turn that love back on myself. Daily affirmations go a long way, and I make the extra effort to remember how kind and true to myself I am.

You are loving; you are loved.

You’ve accomplished great things, and more than that, you’ve been a kind soul to so many people.

You deserve to be your own biggest supporter.

In short, relationships are the focal point of my existence – and my writing. Thanks to the wonderful souls that surround me, I’ve gotten better at grounding my work in the following themes: Love, Friendship, Sexual Expression, Honor, Faith in Humanity, Self-Compassion, and Forgiveness.

2. Second Biggest Inspiration: A Desire for Justice and Cooperation

Okay, now this one’s pretty hammy, I’ll admit. From the moment I was kicked in the shin by a bully in the first grade as we lined up to leave our music class, I knew that I wanted justice for all, dammit! Though learning how to swallow the big pill that is “Sorry, kiddo, but sometimes life just isn’t fair” was hard, I managed to accept that reality of life a few years ago (finally). Heck, my desire to see both the bad guys and good guys receive support and respect even pushed me to get my master’s degree in counseling. My fiery righteousness colors pretty much every action that I take in life.

And that has translated well into my writing.

I’m currently writing my first ever trilogy, which is called The Virility Project. In this futuristic dystopian epic, my protagonist, Casimir Amador, swears to bring down the traitors within the Operantis and avenge his peers, many of whom were indoctrinated while undergoing extensive academic and military training in the Virility Project. Casimir will fight until justice is done and the citizens of his hometown, Crossing, can rest assured that the double-crossing First Primals who would ensnare them in a terrible war are eliminated. My hope is that, when faced with terrible acts of evil and betrayal, I would be like Casimir and take a stand.

Several of the themes that I focus on as a result of this motivation are the following: Justice (Fairness, Equality, Goodness, Morality, etc.), Brotherly Love, Unrequited Love, Selflessness, Compassion, and Forgiveness.

To Forgive Others

Thank you again for stopping by! What are your biggest inspirations or motivations for writing? How do they shape your themes and stories? Comment below and I’ll happily respond 🙂

2 thoughts on “What are My Inspirations for Writing?

  1. Hmm, my biggest inspiration for writing is to get my feelings out there. Most of the time, I’m depressed, so I have those themes in my stories. However, unlike my own life, my MCs find that love and friendship they always wanted.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sounds like we have that purpose for our writings in common 🙂 For me, it’s important to also emote through my characters. They channel my inner beliefs and desires. I also like to have my MCs accomplish things that I may not have done myself in real life.


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