Aural Autumn: Weep

Music that lingers with me is hard to come by. However, songs that strike a chord with my soul remind me of one simple truth: feeling pain, remorse, and defeat isn’t a bad thing.

There is closure to be found in the melancholic. Peace.

Weep. We’ve all done our fair share of that. For our loved ones who have died. For the dreams that we’ve relinquished after what feels like an eternity of fighting. Sometimes we pour out all our tears because we can’t tell which is worse: the anger, or the hurt. That’s alright; losing ourselves to raw feeling is what it means to be human. To have awareness of that which tears us down and builds us back up again.

trees in park

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Tonight, this time is yours. Reflect on what you’ve lost, mourned, or continue to grieve. You are alive. What is missing from you serves as a reminder of all that you’ve become, and all that is worth fighting for — when you decide you’re ready.

Loss to hope. Hope to loss. Every season has its turn.

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