Aural Autumn: Reflections, by Jabricon

Reflections. Contemplation. Wonder. By nature, people look back on what has transpired. We envision the alternative choices we could have made. We mull over who we are, who we will become. With that, there's often a sense of longing. Wistfulness. People will tell you to focus on the present. To stop daydreaming. They will say … Continue reading Aural Autumn: Reflections, by Jabricon


Aural Autumn: Smile, by Delectatio

Smile.  When I first started posting Sounds of Summer and Aural Autumn, I had so many moments where I doubted myself. 'This is dumb,' I thought, 'nobody is interested in exploring music as it relates to creative writing.' I faltered and almost gave up. It seemed next to impossible to convey how much the right … Continue reading Aural Autumn: Smile, by Delectatio

The Swarm and the Flyer – Chapter 8: An Encounter Beyond Goatman’s Bridge (Part 2)

Good horror stories have grown sparse. Why, in this day and age, have we seen fewer compelling characters and more violence in shows, movies, and books? Since when did survival and sacrifice become so mediocre (I'm looking at you, The Walking Dead)? The answer, I believe, lies in what many screenwriters and authors have neglected: … Continue reading The Swarm and the Flyer – Chapter 8: An Encounter Beyond Goatman’s Bridge (Part 2)

Lessons to Practice #22: The Art of Pacing

Hey everyone! Here's to wishing you a restful, spontaneous, and memorable week, even with work and our countless other personal obligations. This go around, I was looking to share some of my thoughts concerning the pacing of our creative writing. Amidst themes, character development, and opening and closing lines, there is the ever-present tether of … Continue reading Lessons to Practice #22: The Art of Pacing