Things of Beauty Burn

In writing, we discover that things of beauty burn. Tonight, I’m inspired by Hammock yet again. Their song “Things of Beauty Burn” has inspired me to reflect on what it means to write about loss.


Every great story has equal parts success and defeat, bitterness and hope. For this reason, I write to embrace what we all grow up fearing — and perhaps never outgrow.

The uncertainty of failure will always be with us: in every line of work that we do, sport we participate in, or story that we pen. I think most writers realize this all too well. This reality hit harder than ever before when my dad passed away in June of 2015. Then it reared its ugly head again when my friend and teammate died by suicide in October of 2016. Life was ready to bring me into its next stage of growth, and while it was painful, I have always had one indefatigable means of coping: creative writing.


It’s poetic, really, that I would decide to channel my grief into writing my first ever horror thriller, plus its sequel, over the past year and a half. After all the horror games and movies that I’ve taken in, I’m surprised it took me this long to jump headlong into the genre that I grew up adoring. The timing is just right.

While my journey isn’t over yet, I have faith that the tracks I’m leaving are as meaningful for myself as they are for others. Yes, things of beauty burn. But there is room for new growth in the fertile ashes left over. For you and me, writing is that cleanse, that purifying flame that brings us life anew.

Here’s to your flame.

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