History is All You Left Me – Book Review

In his sophomore book, Adam Silvera examines grief and loss with devastating scrutiny. History is All You Left Me centers on Griffin, who is torn between a past where he's in love with his first boyfriend, Theo, and a present in which Theo drowned while swimming with his new boyfriend, Jackson. To make matters worse, … Continue reading History is All You Left Me – Book Review


Wild – Book Review

Author Cheryl Strayed has lived up to her name. Self-described as "an ambitious overachiever and aspiring writer who hopped from one meaningless job to the next," Cheryl is also a soul pioneer. When life beats her to a pulp, Cheryl responds by leaving her old existence behind. With a fire in her spirit and wanderlust … Continue reading Wild – Book Review

Happy 2019!

It's a new year and a big canvas! I wish you many highs and lows, plenty of growth in your blogging, and new adventures just brimming with possibilities. This year, I'm committed to developing my own writing and pursuing publication for two of my works, The Swarm and the Flyer and its sequel, The Wrath and the Base. With A Quiet Place and Bird Box … Continue reading Happy 2019!

Lessons to Practice #20: Writing in the Company of Grief

Howdy everyone! How's life on your end of the internet? Hopefully you're staying cool in this sweltering summer heat and making some awesome memories! Emotions rule me from time to time. I own that aspect of myself, and I know that I swing from completely logical and in my head to raw and unfiltered pretty … Continue reading Lessons to Practice #20: Writing in the Company of Grief