Share Your Moment – Watch the Sun Come Out Tonight

I read a post recently by a blogger, and in it, he wrote that in order for a blog to be successful, it has to have several key elements. One of the biggest pointers he gave is that a blog must offer something to readers, be it tips on writing, opportunities for networking, or giveaways.

Yes, I do partly agree with him.

But part of me is also staunchly against that dictum in its strictest sense.

I want to turn my blog into the greatest writing platform that I could ever imagine. My hope is to network with dozens of fellow writers and triathletes day in and day out. All of that will surely happen in time.

However, as of late I’ve let my purchase slip on what really matters: Sharing my cherished memories and experiences with you all. I want to feel closer and more connected with those of you who call this blogging sphere your home as well.

So, here it is. No writing gimmicks, no inquiries for feedback or solicitations for readership or networking. Just some simple — but inimitable and deeply moving — memories from my vacation to Austin this past weekend.

Barton Springs Trip

We had such a blast at Barton Springs. I love you all 🙂

It’s good to be alive. I feel cherished by my friends, my partner, and my mom and sister. I’d say that Filter captured my euphoria well in their song, Watch the Sun Come Out Tonight. You can check it out below.


Come watch the sun come out tonight,

Wait until things die downtown tonight

It’s all hits, we took too much,

That’s right

When night comes out,

Walk with us

Come watch the sun come out tonight

We’ll take it all and touch the sky

The cold hurts but warms our hearts

Burn out like all the stars

Come out and die with us tonight


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