You Will Succeed

I’d like to put aside my creative writing and The Swarm and the Flyer for just a moment. Tonight, I’m writing with a message for each and every one of you.

You will reach your goal.


Sundance Square in downtown Fort Worth

Where’s this coming from, you ask? In part, it comes from my own realization that it’s time to pump the brakes, put my writing ego aside, and just bask in the very passion that’s so central to my writing. It also comes from the posts that I’ve been reading by Cristian Mihai, whose constant blogging and enduring messages of determination and perseverance are much needed in this day of social media oversaturation. You can find his blog here.

I’ll say it again: You are going to succeed. Whether you blog to advertise your creative fiction, network with other writers, share amazing recipes, or just vent about your crappy job in the hopes that your words will resonate with another human being, remember this: you’re on track. You will accomplish what you’ve set out to do here on this virtual platform. It may not be tomorrow, or two months from now, but that time is already set for you, and it’s coming.

landscape nature africa boy

Photo by Julian Jagtenberg on

I take my own message to heart. I know I’ve stumbled, written somewhat aimless blog posts, and covered more topics than is wise for a regular blogger to talk about if he or she hopes to attract and keep a loyal audience. I will fall again tomorrow, and the day after that. Still I blog. Still I write for fun. That’s what this is all about, after all. Wouldn’t you agree?

Like Uppermost said, “I won’t, I will never give up. I won’t give up.”

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