Aural Autumn: Her Smile

Gaaah!!! Is there anything more breathtaking than finding a song that makes you feel renewed? Like you're seeing the Grand Canyon, the Northern Lights, and the ocean stretching out before you, all at once? Hey there everyone. Welcome back to Aural Autumn, the series in which I explore the intersection between music, musings, and memories. … Continue reading Aural Autumn: Her Smile

Compiled Elevator Pitches

Happy Saturday evening everyone! Tonight I've compiled my elevator pitches for the four novel manuscripts that I've written thus far in my writing career. I thought I would open up tonight with a discussion about each one and ask for your thoughts and opinions. Please know that I'm open to your feedback and would be … Continue reading Compiled Elevator Pitches

Elevator Pitch: Summer Complex

First off, thank you to Lish Wells and TwinTales for giving me a like for my Eyes of Excruciation elevator pitch!  I'm thrilled that you all found my pitch interesting. I'm also grateful to mad1642, writingthedreamblog, and Sarahhylockwood for visiting my blog and deciding to follow my young adult adventures. I can promise you that I will continue … Continue reading Elevator Pitch: Summer Complex