The Power of an Apropos Post

Good Saturday readers!

First off, I would like to admit something important: my blogging skills have become somewhat rusty in my last few months of absence. Sure, I would like to blame it solely on my time in grad school, but the truth is that I have allowed myself to completely slip away from a set writing schedule. There was a time when I was posting book reviews and snippets of my own creative fiction with intentionality, knowing that I had the support of a few loyal readers. Now I think it’s time I revisited my fan base and reached out to other writers with interests similar to my own. This also means holding off on posting acts from my novella, Eyes of Excruciation, for the time being. I know with all my heart that Eyes has its merits, so I will come back to it once I have brought more stability to my blogging platform.

In other news, I purchased this domain as of yesterday, July 24! I am elated to further secure my blogging home and push it toward a larger audience.

If you are just joining, I want you to know that I’m glad you’re reading these words. I love to post books reviews, share my own YA fiction – largely taken from experiences I had in high school and college -, and revel in the sport of triathlon. You might also find me occasionally posting snippets of psychology research articles that I find interesting. Whatever you fancy, I hope one of the aforementioned topics catches your interest.

Here’s to intentionality.

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