Elevator Pitch: In the Words of Your Love

Greetings! This October, I would like to focus on my fiction by posting elevator pitches for all of my works. That includes my novels, short stories, and novellas. I will post a new elevator pitch every Tuesday and Friday night.

I’ll begin in chronological order with In the Words of Your Love, my first full-length YA fiction novel. I hope to bring in more readers and help those of you who have been following my blog to get a better bearing on my style of writing. This will also shed some light on my preferred genres. It’s always good to become more aware of which genres I’m writing in!

In the Words of Your Love


Richard-Michael Calzada

High school track runner Ross Chappell turns to an unlikely yearbook project with a jaded artist in the hopes of moving on from his latest breakup – and discovers that young love comes in many forms.

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