Elevator Pitch: Eyes of Excruciation

Thank you to abooknation for your like on my first elevator pitch for In the Words of Your Love! Your support helps me to keep on writing.

This second elevator pitch is for the first novella that I ever wrote, which was during my senior year in high school. Eyes of Excruciation is a seven-act story that encompasses the pains of both coming out and admitting love to someone who could easily reject it. You can find this novella in its entirety on my blog (See the handy tab above!)

Eyes of Excruciation


Richard-Michael Calzada

R.J., a senior playing loner in order to stave off his coming out process, finds himself falling for the one person who sparks all his fears: Eddie Garza, a football player whose rambunctious demeanor may belie an unusually accepting soul.

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