Elevator Pitch: The Virility Project

I’m really on cloud nine! I’ve noticed a steady increase in likes and visitors to my blog with every new elevator pitch that I have posted since starting this series two weeks ago. As I’ve read on several well-established blogs, consistency is absolutely essential in garnering a loyal following of readers. Heck, even I find it more encouraging to hold myself accountable and stick to my schedule for publishing posts.

Thanks are in order to the following readers: thesarahdoughty, Pauletry, StCyril, abooknation, Joana Teixeira, and waynerobinson42. Your love and support for my pitch for Summer Complex is simply unforgettable! I will be editing my second draft for this novel throughout the month of November, so plan on seeing me share the first several chapters on a weekly basis starting December 1st.


The Virility Project (Book 1 of 3)


Richard-Michael Calzada

After surviving an appalling school shooting, seventeen year-old Casimir Amador enrolls in the Virility Project to serve as a mentor for several young recruits of the new military training program. There he uncovers a twisted system of indoctrination, helmed by the Operantis, which threatens to thrust Ameras into the most polemic war the world has ever seen. 

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