More Happy than Not – Book Review

Summary In his first published novel, Adam Silvera gives us a glimpse into a future where erasing pain and grief is as simple as setting up a visit to the Leteo Institute - or so Aaron Soto hopes. For sixteen-year-old Aaron, nothing seems to work in easing the pain of his father's suicide. Falling out … Continue reading More Happy than Not – Book Review

NaNoWriMo 2017 Countdown

Hey buddies! I apologize for being away from my blog for the past few days. Last week was a bit of a train wreck that I had to struggle to get through, but fortunately this week has been much better. Some highlights of the past few days include: Getting in a workout every day Having … Continue reading NaNoWriMo 2017 Countdown

Lessons to Practice #18: Blogging and Networking

Happy Tuesday to you, fellow bloggers. May you all continue to have a good week with plenty of time for your writing! Networking and blogging are perhaps the most difficult peripheral aspects of becoming a writer. Speaking from my own experience, it's challenging to establish a consistent and concentrated blogging platform, one that amasses a … Continue reading Lessons to Practice #18: Blogging and Networking