NaNoWriMo 2017 Countdown

Hey buddies! I apologize for being away from my blog for the past few days. Last week was a bit of a train wreck that I had to struggle to get through, but fortunately this week has been much better. Some highlights of the past few days include:

  • Getting in a workout every day
  • Having the opportunity to interview for a job at my former internship site today (woo hoo!)
  • Finding out that the jury duty I was scheduled for next Monday was cancelled
  • Receiving a pair of Texas Tech socks as a gift from my coach today
  • Meeting my daily 2,000-word writing quota every day!

I have high hopes for the newfound positive energy that is currently lighting up my life. I’m most looking forward to heading to Austin with a buddy of mine this weekend to see my mom and celebrate our good friend’s birthday. Beautiful scenery, strong drinks, and good times all around!

Now, on to the writing business…

As of last week, I decided to move ahead with my plan to write the sequel to Stalder Press to Handstand for this year’s NaNoWriMo. My working title is The Flyer and the Base. Here’s what I’ve laid out so far:

  1. This will be a direct sequel that takes place days after the ending of Stalder Press to Handstand
  2. My two main characters, Rayland Mark Calderón and Jake Knect, will return, along with a few old and new supporting characters
  3. The Unseen, while in hibernation for the time being, will come back and pose an even greater threat to our heroes and heroines. Why? Because in The Flyer and the Base, they can take on a new and more inconspicuous form
  4. The plot will focus on Rayland, Jake, and Officer MarQui Richards making a week-long journey down to Temple, TX, in order to find Rayland’s mom and sister
  5. The group will be hunted by not only the newly evolved Unseen, but also Reg Alteo, who somehow survived the burning barn that was engulfed by a massive Unseen cloud at the end of the last book
  6. The recurring themes will be as follows:
    • Friendship
    • Family ties
    • The enduring nature of family dysfunction
    • Intimacy being mistaken for love
    • Finding inner peace and balance
    • Dark Kundalini
    • Chitta vritti, or mental static
    • Emotional restriction
    • Survival
    • Not truly living for fear of death

Retrieved from

So far I’m still fleshing out an outline, but I hope to have my first version completed and ready for WordPress publication by next Tuesday.

Thanks for stopping by! I’d love to hear about your NaNoWriMo 2017 ideas and goals 🙂

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