This week life has been astoundingly great to me. I finally got my counseling license in the mail, which I had been worried about for the past several weeks (insert subtle panic attack here).

I also took the final step in securing my next job opportunity, which I will have more details on next week. But most importantly, I let myself get lost in the wonderful presence of friends, talking over an amazing vegan lunch about our plans for the future and our hopes for the present. I even got a couple of sweet pictures with my dear friends Jake and Leon at a nifty art exhibit on campus called the Luminarium.


This is how we do acro yoga!

Walking through those iridescent rooms and hallways had such an uplifting effect on me, and I was so very happy. Buoyed. Free. No stressors, no thoughts about the future, just the warm and loving vibes all around me.

These are the kinds of moments I love capturing in my writing, which wouldn’t be possible without the kind and amazing souls in my life – souls like Jake. I’m so very thankful that he and I crossed paths when we did, and that we’ve had many a great adventure together.

One of the ways I decided to pay tribute to our friendship was by writing Stalder Press to Handstand, a post-apocalyptic novel in which the two main characters, Rayland and Jake, fight to survive in a world dominated by the Unseen, supersonic cloud-like creatures that have eradicated much of the human race. Indeed, my real friend Jake serves as the core character design for Jake Knect, and in writing Stalder I pursued a ton of topics which have been at the heart of my life for many months: friendship, loyalty, faith, mourning, betrayal, redemption, and second chances. Although I took a lot of creative liberty with the story itself, all of these themes are absolutely true to life – to my life.

If you are interested, please head on over to my Pinterest account, where I have started my latest character board for Stalder Press to Handstand. This board is a pictorial representation of all my main characters, and includes profile shots of actors, celebrities, or real-life models whom I imagine would fit each persona’s profile fairly well. You can find said board here.

That’s all for tonight! I hope you all have a wonderful start to your weekend. Keep the writing dream alive 🙂

Life Update and New Pinterest Character Board

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