The Honest Bachelor’s Life – My First Vlog and the Introductory Video

Hey there everyone! I’d like to thank TwinTales, Florian Turgeon, waynerobinson42, Betcha didn’t Know!, Tetiana Aleksina, coolpeppermint,  The Eye Dancers, Sarah in LalaLand, A.M. Bradley and Madi Uram for sending me some likes for my “Sounds of Summer” and “Lessons to Practice” posts these past two weeks. You all rock! I’m so grateful for your readership, and I hope I can continue to return the favor by visiting your blogs and sharing some love!

Tonight, I’m supplanting my usual “Sounds of Summer” entry with a surprise: my first video for “The Honest Bachelor’s Life!” This is the introductory entry, and in it I explain what some of my goals are for “The Honest Bachelor’s Life” vlog. For those who enjoy my “Lessons to Practice” and “Sounds of Summer” series, may you find something memorable and entertaining in my new endeavors. Have a great night!


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