“The Honest Bachelor’s Life – Thought #5: Be Your Own Best Gift Giver”

Hey there everyone! Tonight I’m writing this entry from OKC, where I just finished the Redman Half-Ironman. I’ll have my finish line report up this Tuesday with highlights of my third 70.3 race. For those who are interested in my triathlon endeavors, I invite you to check it out.

Tonight, I bring you my fifth entry in “The Honest Bachelor’s Life,” a vlog I created about the ups and downs of living in our 20s. Tonight’s topic? Learning how to treat yourself in the ways that are the most rewarding for you. This video was fun to make, and I figure it’ll be relatable for many of you.

I appreciate you! If you like my vlog series or have any suggestions for future videos, you are welcome to leave a comment and let me know. Who knows, maybe we can do some collaborating and vlog together!

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