Sounds of Summer: Gloria

Greetings from OKC! It’s race weekend for me, and I’m excited to swim, bike, and run my way to another 70.3 Half-Ironman finish line this coming Saturday. I’ve had my sights set on Redman 70.3 since February of this year, and maintained a good dose of discipline while training to become a strong swimmer, cyclist, and runner. I will definitely be sharing my thoughts on how this race went in my next finish line report.

First, an update on my “Sounds of Summer” miniseries. This will be my second-to-last post in this particular series for the year, since fall will be upon us in a little over one week (!). I’ve really enjoyed exploring how music has inspired me to write while also shaping my emotional landscape. Rest assured, I will share my thoughts on new songs that I fall in love with during the fall, albeit at a less frequent rate. Now, on to tonight’s “Sounds of Summer” entry!

A few months before I started this series, a little-known band by the name of The Midnight came to my attention. The first song I ever heard by them was “Vampires,” which blew me away. That crooning sax and the smoky imagery that the lyrics paint are a damn good love letter to the synthwave movement of the 80s. It also reminded me of the heart and soul that so many iconic 80s songs bear.

Enter “Gloria,” the second song on their first album, “Days of Thunder” (yes, eat your heart out, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman). At once sultry and rebellious, “Gloria” is a damn fine testament to the allure of that decade. It tells the story of a man reveling in the simple realization that he feels good, so much so that he’s ready to “drive ’till the coast is clear, faster ’till it disappears.” He fluctuates between feeling high and being “too goddamn tired to sleep.” Some of the simplest lines are the most relatable. Check out “Gloria” for yourself to see what I mean.

While I’m not a hardcore fan of that particular decade, I appreciate the nostalgic tone that The Midnight strike. This duo from Los Angeles are clearly capable of recapturing those late-night drives, brooding romantic encounters, and aching fever dreams that feel like a side-effect of drugs — all without making their music feel anachronistic. This is the kind of song that feels just right for an early summer night…especially if I can find a Corvette to cruise in 😉

Thanks for stopping by to check out my post! What are some of your favorite nostalgia songs? Leave me a comment below and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

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