The Honest Bachelor’s Life – Thought #6: Eating Well

Hello and good evening, fellow bloggers, vloggers, and misfits! Here’s my latest entry in my vlog series. In this video, I zone in on nutrition and eating well. Time to shatter the stereotypical notion that guys and gals in their 20s don’t shop well when it comes to groceries!

Being a triathlete and acro yogi means I do a lot of physical work. I wouldn’t be able to work out and push my limits so consistently without eating right. Nutrition plays a big role in my life, and the same probably goes for you, regardless of how much or how little you work out. Eating well equates to a happy body, a healthy spirit, and a better outlook on life. Enjoy the food you buy and cook for yourself. Nothing else makes us happy quite like an amazing meal 🙂

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