Sounds of Summer (The Final Entry for 2017): “Waves”

It’s a bittersweet night! With autumn officially entering into the picture tomorrow, I decided that this will my last “Sounds of Summer” entry for 2017. It’s been a wonderful four months of exploring unique genres and melodies that have inspired not only my creative writing, but also my passion for life.

From “Endeavor” to “Resonance,” I’ve forged a special connection with all of the songs that I’ve written about this summer. However, tonight’s song may have left the most indelible impression on me yet. And, wouldn’t you know it, I found it by accident. Or maybe it was divine YouTube intervention.

“Waves.” An apt title for this track, given that I feel like I’m floating in the water whenever I listen. It was a tall order for me to try and end this year’s “Sounds of Summer” on the highest note possible, but, as is usually the case, fate just seemed to work with me. Swooƒ, you are an inspiration and a wonderful musician.

This song is a homecoming. It encompasses and brightens so many of my own memories: seeing the snowcapped mountains of Boulder for the very first time; falling in love with myself after having a rough go at unrequited love; and crossing the finish line of my third Half-Ironman in OKC just last weekend. When I listen to “Waves” I start to smile, because it dawns on me that it’s so very good to be alive. It’s a joy that bears the promise of love and acceptance beyond the grief that’s weighed me down for so many months. I can let go. There is still a light side after all.

How did Swooƒ make such a lush track? According to a comment he posted on his SoundCloud page, “with sylenth1, delay, reverb and some eqing.” I don’t know what any of that means, but I think it translates to bliss and tranquility. I hope I can meet this ninteen-year-old producer from the Netherlands one day. His music has done something majestic for my soul.


For those who have read my posts and enjoyed the music that I’ve shared, thank you. Without your likes and comments, I wouldn’t have felt quite as inspired to continue my “Sounds of Summer” series. Please stay tuned for more on my vlog, “The Honest Bachelor’s Life,” as well as new entries on my creative writing and my goals for this year’s NaNoWriMo. It’s going to be a fall full of writing and training!

Until next time, may you all carry an uplifting little tune in your head 🙂

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