Sounds of Summer (The Final Entry for 2017): “Waves”

It's a bittersweet night! With autumn officially entering into the picture tomorrow, I decided that this will my last "Sounds of Summer" entry for 2017. It's been a wonderful four months of exploring unique genres and melodies that have inspired not only my creative writing, but also my passion for life. From "Endeavor" to "Resonance," … Continue reading Sounds of Summer (The Final Entry for 2017): “Waves”

Eyes of Excruciation – Act 5

Hello followers! I apologize for missing my regularly scheduled installments for the past two Saturdays. I was at a family reunion last Saturday, which of course was worthy of writing about in my journal! I was also pretty caught up in completing my client case conceptualization for my internship site this past weekend, which I just finished this morning. … Continue reading Eyes of Excruciation – Act 5