Creative Musings and Inspirations

Good evening! How’s everyone out there in the WordPress world? I myself am feeling phenomenal and really enjoying life as of lately.

If you’ll entertain the thought, I feel like exploring our creative muses as writers tonight. What personal joys drive your writing endeavors? For me, it’s the following:

  • all kinds of music (and I do mean all kinds, from the heavy metal of Deftones to the ambient bliss of Hammock)

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Retrieved from

  • the sport of triathlon, which has inspired so much self-determination and camaraderie within me


  • Acro Yoga, with its soul-stirring blend of spirituality, physical connection, and vibrant communal appreciation for life
Spotting the Jakes March 26 2017

Fly high!

  • and my job as a counselor, which is awe-inspiring, emotional, and healing
Last Day of Internship 1

Our last day of internship 2 class 🙂

I know I haven’t touched on these topics as much as I would like to in my fiction, but I am working on improving that. All of these experiences are my lifeblood, and I want to honor them by further incorporating each of them into the YA, NA, post-apocalyptic, and dystopian stories that I create.

What are your inspirations, passions, and dreams? How do they fuel your creative writing?


2 thoughts on “Creative Musings and Inspirations

  1. As an architecture student, I’ve been trying for a while to craft a story that revolves around architecture, preferably in a sci-fi sense. I’d love to combine all my passions into one primordial soup of a product, but I haven’t quite figured how to do it yet :). One day, though!

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    • Hey Jed, that’s awesome to hear! I’m glad we’re in the same boat of letting our passions intermingle in our writings. Have you read Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth? It’s an excellent historical novel that blends action and intrigue with details of medieval architecture.

      If I read any sci-fi books with an emphasis on architecture, I’ll send them your way 🙂


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