Eyes of Excruciation – Act 2

I have returned with more of Eyes of Excruciation! I know I let this one go; waiting over a year to post my next Act was definitely not intentional. Still, I hope that this story sparks something special in even just one reader. For those of us who love or have loved in secrecy out of fear. … Continue reading Eyes of Excruciation – Act 2

Eyes of Excruciation – Act 1

Dear reader: As I revive my blog and resume regular postings, I thought it would be fitting to start publishing some of my older YA short stories, poems, and musings. I am really proud of Eyes of Excruciation, a novella that I wrote during a difficult time in high school. I grappled with thoughts of … Continue reading Eyes of Excruciation – Act 1

To You, Unsure Reader of Young Adult Novels

Greetings, my dear reader. I know that you're unsure about the young adult novel in your hands. I imagine certain thoughts are crossing your mind: I've read YA before, and it just wasn't for me; these books are always about growing up, high school dances, kids having rocky relationships with their parents or guardians, or trying … Continue reading To You, Unsure Reader of Young Adult Novels