Hopeful Hiatus

To all those who have followed me with support and eagerness, I am sorry to say that I’ll be taking a break from uploading chapters of my first YA novel, In the Words of Your Love. I have to dedicate more of my free time to finishing up scholarship essays and applications, now that I’m headed for UNT in August. My focus is also on finding housing, as well as easing my way out of 40-hour work weeks. I plan on quitting my job on July 4, and will mark that date as my official return to In the Words of Your Love.

I am especially thankful to ioniamartin, kirstywirsty, ellisnelson, and all of you who have helped me start this wonderful journey. Shaping Ross and Mal’s story with tighter editing has been a pleasure, and I know it will make for a much more genuine and enduring story. I look toward this summer with a keen optimism, as I know I’ll be better prepared to fine tune my novel and seek out passionate representation for it.

My blog won’t be a completely empty stage for the next two months, though. I’ll do my best to upload book reviews and occasionally poetry.

Write on.

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