Blog Update: Beta Reading and Writing Projects

Hey everyone! I wanted to provide a quick update on my blogging platform. I’ll wrap up tonight’s post with my hopes and plans for beta reading, as well as how I can help you in your editing efforts. Onward!

The Old

Initially, I created “You New Adult Nostalgic” to share my fiction, network with other writers, and solicit feedback on my work. More recently, I’ve expanded my blog to include writing advice (my “Lessons to Practice” series) and a couple of music-related series (“Sounds of Summer” and “Aural Autumn”).  I also post occasionally about my triathlon endeavors. However, in doing so, I’ve lost some of my focus and made my blog a bit too eclectic. My latest task? To hone my focus and make my blog more streamlined and accessible for you, the reader.

The New

Here’s my game plan: In 2018, I will resume my “Lessons to Practice” series. I enjoy sharing my own writing experiences and techniques, but for the new year, I’ll focus this series more on how I want to go about networking and fostering social growth within the writing community. That will hopefully mean more traffic, beta reading, and marketing opportunities for everyone involved!

I will also begin the process of beta reading (eek!). I’m not sure how often I will be open to accepting manuscripts, but I will iron out those details by the second week in January. My system? I want to facilitate two-way beta reading, rather than getting money involved. I imagine that will help me to not only offer you a new perspective on your work, but also broaden my reading scope and allow me to get my fiction out to more readers.

Finally, my two music series, “Sounds of Summer” and “Aural Autumn,” will be back next year. I loved rolling out both this past year, and find exploring the relationship between music and writing absolutely fascinating. I hope that you’ll check out these posts when I start rolling them out in May of 2018.

My Fiction

If you’re interested in YA, NA, and post-apocalyptic stories, you’ve come to the right blog. I pride myself on the four manuscripts that I’ve completed thus far: In the Words of Your LoveSummer Complex, The Virility ProjectThe Virile Army, and The Swarm and the Flyer. I’m currently editing The Swarm and the Flyer, as well as wrapping up my first draft of its sequel, The Wrath and the Base. Both of these stories are grounded in some YA elements. However, both stories are primarily rooted in horror, post-apocalyptic imagery, and some heavy themes: family strife, sacrifice, friendship, jealousy, sexuality, and hope. Please feel free to check out the book cover that I whipped up for The Wrath and the Base below. I’d love to know what you think of it!

The Wrath and the Base - Version 1

In summary, I have a fair bit of work ahead of me, but I’m glad to be overhauling my blog and refining it. I’m most excited to be resuming my “Lessons to Practice” series. I will continue to research how to best start beta reading. In turn, I hope that many of you will check out my own fiction and help me make our writing community that much strong. Here’s to 2018!

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