Elevator Pitch: The Virility Project

I'm really on cloud nine! I've noticed a steady increase in likes and visitors to my blog with every new elevator pitch that I have posted since starting this series two weeks ago. As I've read on several well-established blogs, consistency is absolutely essential in garnering a loyal following of readers. Heck, even I find it … Continue reading Elevator Pitch: The Virility Project

Elevator Pitch: Summer Complex

First off, thank you to Lish Wells and TwinTales for giving me a like for my Eyes of Excruciation elevator pitch!  I'm thrilled that you all found my pitch interesting. I'm also grateful to mad1642, writingthedreamblog, and Sarahhylockwood for visiting my blog and deciding to follow my young adult adventures. I can promise you that I will continue … Continue reading Elevator Pitch: Summer Complex