The Learning Phase: Lessons From Writer’s Digest

Why hello there, fellow bloggers and writers. I know I don’t ask this enough, but how are you, as my follower, doing? What are your big aspirations for 2017 when it comes to writing? Who knows about your goals? How have you enlisted them – or not – to help you get there?

Tonight I wanted to reflect briefly on what I’m looking at next for my own writing journey: education! I don’t mean in the sense of attending a college or even taking evening writing classes; I’m actually referring to the webinars and online classes that I’ve started with Writer’s Digest. I really meant to get around to those webinars last year, since I purchased a nice bundle of books and webinars titled the “Ultimate Collection of Agent Advice.” Certainly invaluable material for any writer looking to get serious about her or his craft!


These folks know what they’re talking about.

Now that I’ve completed the first draft of my newest manuscript, Stalder Press to Handstand, I thought I would turn my attention to further honing my writing and critiquing skills. So far I’ve watched one and a half webinars and taken notes diligently. I learned how to pen an attention grabbing first chapter, thanks to literary agent Sarah LaPolla. Now I’m in the midst of discovering how to self-edit so that my manuscripts avoid the slush pile and really wow agents. Thanks to Michelle Brower for helping me understand the important differences between developmental and close editing!


Seeing red can be a good thing!

That’s all for now. I’ll give you all weekly updates about the newest webinar or class that I’m taking. My hope is to take at least two online classes in vivo by the end of February. Fingers crossed, as always.


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