Facing the Wolves

Watch me...drown in my own light,Watch me...darken my own skiesWatch me...lose touch of what is realWatch me...drown in this feeling- Ellena Soule, "Wolves" Sometimes I darken my own skies. I stumble and fall out of line. The days that are hardest for me are those in which I feel so very profoundly and wonder what's wrong with me. Pages in … Continue reading Facing the Wolves


Aural Autumn (Finale) – Fast Car, by Tracy Chapman

Sometimes you just have to let the music speak for itself. https://youtu.be/AIOAlaACuv4 To those following my blog through its many highs and lows, I appreciate you so very deeply. May your music and prose carry you up and onward into a new year, one full of growth, hope, and resiliency. Peace.