Sounds of Summer 2017: Endeavour

Let’s be honest: You can’t have an unforgettable summer without that one special song.

You know what I’m talking about: the song that makes you scramble for your earbuds first thing in the morning, before you even think about rolling out from under your cocoon of sheets. The one you blare as you’re cruising in your car down a long stretch of road, maybe (probably) with the windows rolled down.

Every summer I set my heart and mind to new goals and adventures, and I’m starting to get a clearer picture of what’s in store for me this year. Spoiler alert: there’s a love interest.


When your giddiness just won’t subside as you think about your crush

You see, all I know how to do once May hits is dream bigger, radiate even more love and kindness, and really appreciate those colorful hues in the sky that accompany both sunrise and sunset. Pool parties filled with laughter, serene and prolonged sundowns, the smell of spray-on sunscreen, the hiss of a good book’s pages as you sit and read by the lake…Summer is everything the human soul should yearn for.

For the past ten years or so, I’ve picked a single song that encapsulates my perfect summer. Though I’ve never written this down before, I’m starting a tradition of giving a voice to my summer song — even though several of my past songs have had no lyrics whatsoever.

This year, as of May 18th, 2017, I knew which song had captured my heart: “Endeavour,” by Elyon.

There will be other summer tunes. But will any of them be as uplifting, as refreshingly youthful and soul-stirring and uninhibited, as “Endeavour” is? I can’t say that I believe so.

But please, please, don’t stop at just my typed words. Plug your headset or earbuds in — and float away into this ambient state of bliss.

I dedicate this song to a limitless immediate future: to working hard and compassionately as a counselor, to flying and basing freely as an Acro Yogi, and to cultivating friendships that are already so meaningful and full of light.


And to you, sweet soul.

Special offer! If you comment below with your summer song for this year, I will listen to it and respond with my thoughts within 24 hours. You can count on me!


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