Writer’s Update, Submissions, and “Visions”

An evening of freezing rain calls for a writer’s update, the first I’ve done in too long!

First, I wanted to let you all know that I’m going to start accepting submissions for reviews of your book. Yes, your book! I was graced with the opportunity to start writing book reviews for The Book Review Directory, which you can find here. Ryan Lanz, the moderator of The Book Review Directory, extended me an invitation to join after we shared a few email correspondences. I’m elated for this opportunity to read other’s works and give my impressions. I hope that this is the start of a long and prolific reviewing hobby 🙂

How to Submit

To have your work reviewed, please reach out to me via email at rmcalzada@hotmail.com. Please include the following:

  • Genre
  • Word count
  • Whether it is a stand-alone novel or part of a series
  • Any specific feedback you’re looking for (e.g., character development, plot points, etc.)

I accept the following genres: Horror, YA, NA, drama, post-Apocalyptic, suspense, mystery, and literary fiction. I will accept either an e-copy or physical copy of your book. My turnaround time is a maximum of one month. By then you can expect to see my written review of your story go live on both my blog and The Book Review Directory.

Please note, I do not charge to review your book. However, your support of my own blog and expressed interest in my creative fiction is always appreciated!

My Creative Writing

Good news: I got a new job and am loving it! The bad news, however, is that my own writing has dropped off. However, I’ve started working on editing The Swarm and the Flyer again and hope to have my second draft complete by this April. For those who don’t know, The Swarm and the Flyer is my first ever post-apocalyptic story. It’s a blend of horror, speculative fiction, and gay romance that I think will appeal to both audiences of literary and genre fiction.

Parting with a Song

Lastly, a note on music. While my “Sounds of Summer” and “Aural Autumn” series may be on hold, I’m not about to wait another few months to share this gem of a song with you all. “Visions” is one hell of an eclectic electro house tune. I should expect no less from a French electronic producer who, according to Wikipedia, kicked off his music career at 17 by spinning songs using FL Studio. Don’t just take my word for it, though; hit play down below and get lost in the smooth beats.

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