Infinite Jest – Book Review

Summary A sober living house, a tennis academy, and a futuristic nation fixated on entertainment cartridges. With a deft eye and scathingly black comedic tone, David Foster Wallace has woven a narrative that spans not only over a thousand pages, but also more than a dozen tortured and ultimately unforgettable souls. This is Infinite Jest. A … Continue reading Infinite Jest – Book Review

Happy 2019!

It's a new year and a big canvas! I wish you many highs and lows, plenty of growth in your blogging, and new adventures just brimming with possibilities. This year, I'm committed to developing my own writing and pursuing publication for two of my works, The Swarm and the Flyer and its sequel, The Wrath and the Base. With A Quiet Place and Bird Box … Continue reading Happy 2019!

The Swarm and the Flyer – Chapter 9: Engine Company 513 (Part 1)

Welcome back to my weekly writing series, in which I publish chapters from my current and first horror WIP, The Swarm and the Flyer. This will be my second-to-last chapter post for this series, after which I will return to editing my two current novels and building my writing network through blogging. I look forward to … Continue reading The Swarm and the Flyer – Chapter 9: Engine Company 513 (Part 1)